Writer’s Diary: Narrative Creep

Ok, yesterday was a big day of writing for me.  I wrote over 5,000 words in total on various writing projects.  I was determined to get part 5 of Space Fall out at all costs.  Eventually I finished part 5 and it came out at ~4,250 words.  I actually wanted it to be longer, somewhere in the 6,000 word range.  However, it was getting close to midnight and I decided to compromise on the mental plan I had for the outline of my book.  I had planned for it to be 10 parts at 1,500 words each, yet I’m now at part 6 and it’s already 11,000 words!  This phenomenon happens to me often when I am writing, often enough that I’ve started to give it a name: narrative creep.  It’s when a story that’s simple enough in the planning stages takes on a life of its own and starts growing, possibly exponentially.  While other writer’s complain of writer’s block, my biggest concern is never knowing where to stop.  I generally just want to keep adding to a story until it’s oversized and bloated.  I don’t know if anyone else has this experience?

In light of my big writing splurge yesterday I’m going to take today off writing anymore just to give myself a rest as when I devote so much time to my writing other aspects of my life tend to get pushed out of focus.  I do need to spend some more time doing mundane things like cleaning, budgeting, and important things spending time with my friends.

As for Space Fall, it was originally going to be a short story of about 15,000 words.  Which is probably about a third of a novel so not really a short story as such.  Now I’m thinking it’s probably going to stretch out to about 25,000 words which is well outside the territory of a short story.  I’m actually thinking that when I finish writing it on here I will go through it from the beginning and flesh out the characters some more as well as add in the details that I’ve been having to omit along the way in order to keep it within the 10 part outline I had planned, then try publishing it?  That way I will have a public abridged version, and a published complete version.  It’s actually a tricky thing to write a short story, if brevity is the soul of wit then a good short story ought to be a nice tight focused entity.  I am thinking that when I finish Space Fall I will try writing a few short stories of 1,500 – 2,000 words and maybe focus more on my singing?

Oh yeah, I sing.  I do it all the time but never publicly.  So one of my new year’s resolutions was to record myself singing and to put it up in public on YouTube.  Mostly to push myself to the next level of my development as a singer as I’ve been rather stagnant for years.  I’m considering sharing some of my humble singing projects; which mostly involve folk songs, patriotic songs, and re-doing pop songs as opera.

Also, I want to take up drawing again so I might post some of that up here too, just to turn this website into a portfolio of my creativity.  I don’t know why but having this website inspires to be more creative and to work harder at bettering my creative skills.  I regret not making a move to have a creative blog like this sooner as a life time of keeping my artistic side to myself hasn’t done me any good.

Author: philosophicaltherapist

I am philosophical therapist based in Australia. However, I offer Skype services for people who live in regional districts, or internationally providing the time zones do not clash. In my practice I emphasise honesty, self-knowledge, curiosity, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, compassion, empathy, respect for emotions, and understanding how key relationships work.

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