Finished Projects

Don’t like the suspense of waiting for something to be finished? On this page you can find links to works that I have already finished. Well if not “finished” they are at least concluded. All these works should be considered drafts and if there’s enough interest in them I would be happy to turn them into a published novel.

Space Fall (23,272 words)

Waterfalls always happen on planets, not between them, right? Wrong! Two young men find their lives turned into an epic adventure as they adapt to life on an alien world where a terraforming experiment went terribly wrong. Hot air balloons, floating cities, tri-planes, vegans on boats, submarines, underwater cities, and deep sea caving: Space Fall has it all. Appropriate ages 12 and up.

Part One (1,571 words)

Part Two (1,506 words)

Part Three (1,894 words)

Part Four (2,047 words)

Part Five (4,261 words)

Part Six (2,158 words)

Part Seven (2,436 words)

Part Eight (1,701 words)

Part Nine (1,903 words)

Part Ten (3,775 words)

Short Stories

The Tragedy of Bessica (1,974 words)

The Children of the Thaw: The Silver Cup (1,949 words)

The Fool of Imbrick (2,471 words)

Zoe and the Fly (1,1170 words)

Emelia’s Baby (3,688 words)

Herbert the Platypus (1,560 words)

The Tuxedo Terror (4,503 words)

The Devil’s Touch (2,392 words)

The Old Farm House (2,981 words)

The Marble Beauty (2,246 words)

The Egyptian Expedition (3,155 words)

Hollandia (3,406 words)

Hollandia – Part 2 (3,305 words)

My Grandpa is Locked in the Cellar (2,034 words)

Shaylen and Bellandria – Part 1 (2,209 words)

Shaylen and Bellandria – Part 2 (1,639 words)

Bella and the Tower of Bones (3,175 words)

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