Writer’s Diary: Finishing Space Fall

Space Fall is almost finished, I won’t get it done tonight alas, I’ve been recovering from the flu this week and while I’m almost better, I’m still feeling quite weak. I am working on part ten and it will be the final part – even if it is a really long part. I am determined to finish my first draft in the ten parts that I originally planned it to be in.  I actually only started writing Space Fall on the day I published part one, and if I hadn’t gotten sick I think I would have finished it a few days ago. It’s been a very exciting experience writing my first fiction piece in the public domain.  I’ve got at least four regular readers of my story so far according to my net stats. Since I’m not well enough to finish writing it, today I thought I would answer some questions instead.

Why call it Space Fall?

There actually isn’t an easy answer to this question. Originally I meant it because it features a giant water fall in space.  Hence a space (water) fall.  Later it involved a spacecraft, the Icarus, falling from space towards the planet and some of the passengers escaping from it. So they fell from space. But a third explanation for the title is that the two characters interact with the people from Proxima Minor in a specifical order:

Kiron (Orbit) –> Aeron  (Sky) –> Vegani (Ocean) –> Comptoni (under the Ocean) –> Ferren (inside the crust)

They encounter each character as they fall from space towards the centre of the planet. It did not actually occur to me until after I was well into writing it that I had multiple space falling themes going on. It’s pure coincidence as far as I can tell.

Do you intend to publish Space Fall?

Once I have finished it, I’m going to consider my options. I don’t think it’s at all complete.  It’s just a draft and there are several elements I wanted to put into the story but didn’t because of the word budget. For instance, the AI module from the re-entry capsule was supposed to evolve a personality and become part of the team of adventurers. I also wanted to do more character development on the two male protagonists to make them more fleshed out characters. Because I am still not decided on which audience and publishing approach I want to take I’m not yet decided on what I am going to do with the draft manuscript.

Have you decided what you are going to work on next?

No. I have five possibilities.

  1. A detective story about four children who are all homeschooled.
  2. A story about children’s books and why they should be taken seriously by adults
  3. An epic fantasy story of witchcraft and magic
  4. A historical fiction piece set in Anglo-Saxon England
  5. A short story about the invention of the lawnmower

If you feel very strongly about which of these projects I should focus my attention on for March – let me know. I hope to finish writing a book at year at this rate.





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