Thorns – Part 10

Elwin put away his pen and paper, and carefully stashed his work and tools in the various secret nooks on his bookshelf. He checked the time on his wrist watch and carefully slipped out of his apartment. Holda glared at him as he slipped out the door, she demanded to know what he was doing. He hesitated, and calculating that she was not in a sufficiently foul mood to make a scene then and there, he just ignored her and crossed the threshold of the door closing it behind him. He could tell Holda was fuming, but as he had surmised she was not prepared to make a scene just now.

Elwin made his way up several flights to the balcony of the seventh floor and looked down the gloomy funnel of the atrium. Far below was Edith sitting at her usual table sorting through piles of papers. Feeling safely obscured from her sight while up there he allowed himself to lean forward over the rail enough so as to make his voyeurism obvious should she looked up. He admired her long blonde hair and face that was perfectly white like polished porcelain. Her clothes were still made from the same coarse fabric as all the other Delforians’ clothes were made from, yet hers actually fitted her body snuggly. Her clothes had seams in different places and it looked as though her clothes had actually been custom made for her. He started to imagine what it would be like to run his fingers around the orbit of her waist when at that moment her head tilted upwards and her gaze fixated on him. The thorn in his knee burst into a spasm of pain. His knee extended involuntarily and he felt his centre of gravity over reach the balcony railing.

“I am going to fall. I am going to fall and die. I deserve this, I shouldn’t have looked at her.” He thought as he started to topple over the edge.
Just as he was about to tumble down four hands reached out from behind and pulled him back onto the balcony. Kylie and Erian had arrived in time to pull him back to safety. He thanked them profusely then quickly looked back down to get another glance at Edith, hoping she would be watching to make sure he was ok. However, she had returned to her notes on the table and was absorbed in them once more.

“What were you doing Elwin? Trying to kill yourself?” asked Kylie.

“He was ogling Edith, his secret crush, she’s to die for apparently,” answered Erian half mockingly.

Kylie rolled her eyes, “Every man is in love with her. She’s such a slut, Elwin, don’t give her attention.”

Erian giggled at Kylie’s condemnation of another woman for being a slut, Kylie jabbed him with her elbow. She continued speaking although clearly not understanding what Erian found so funny, “That hair of hers, Elwin, it’s a wig. It’s not real. I saw her putting it on in the women’s room at the pools once. She’s totally bald Elwin.”

“Bald?” repeated Elwin in disbelief.

“Yes, that’s what her thorn did to her apparently. She hasn’t had blonde hair since she was seven. As soon as they put that thing in her crown all her hair started falling out. Apparently she was bald all the way through school and in vocation school. Her Kelite boss gave that wig to her so he doesn’t have to look at her ugly bald head.”

“I still think she looks beautiful,” said Elwin sadly.
Kylie twirled one of her long red locks in her black veined hand and leaned into Elwin’s personal space, “You know there are much more exciting women than Edith and much closer to you than you think.”

Elwin trembled at Kylie’s proximity to his face, but Erian pushed himself between them, Kylie turned away from Erian and walked a few steps away with her back turned.

“Well, are we going to do this?” she muttered impatiently.

Erian smiled and told the others to follow him. They moved to the back stairwell and climbed down to the locked door at the bottom. Elwin obliged by opening the door for them and a few minutes later they were across the railway line and in the brush overlooking the canal.

“Wow!” exclaimed Kylie, “It’s true! How did you boys discover this place?”

“Elwin here has a Kelite girlfriend,” said Erian half-chuckling.

“What?!” gasped Kylie, “Please explain Elwin.”

Elwin blushed, “I know a Kelite called Rebekah, she’s an entertainer from the Kelite settlement on the other side of the canal. She thinks I’m a funny and interesting writer. I give her ideas for stories and jokes, while she gives me writing materials and the occasional book to read.”

“Get out of here! What does she look like?”

“She’s healthy; she obviously eats well and exercises,”

“Of course she does, I bet she’s got big thighs! What about her appearance and clothes?”

“She wears make up and has smooth fitting clothes.”

Kylie wailed with an ecstatic pleasure that was incomprehensible to both men. She was imagining the look and feel of the superior quality Kelite clothing that she had longed for herself but had never touched.

“Can I meet her the next time you see her?”

Elwin shook his head, “No, she said that if anyone else comes along with me she won’t ever come back again.”

Kylie leaned in close to Elwin again, “Tell me honestly, have you kissed her? Have you kissed one of the divine ones?”

Elwin trembled and his pupils opened wide with fear. Kylie took this to be confirmation that he had indeed kissed her. She reached out him with both arms and pulled her body up alongside his sensually wrapping herself around him. Elwin’s body grew hard as stone completely inert to her advances.

“You know, I haven’t slept with a man who has been kissed by a Kelite,” she said seductively into his ear.

Author: philosophicaltherapist

I am philosophical therapist based in Australia. However, I offer Skype services for people who live in regional districts, or internationally providing the time zones do not clash. In my practice I emphasise honesty, self-knowledge, curiosity, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, compassion, empathy, respect for emotions, and understanding how key relationships work.

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